Website builder

Website Builder is an easy website creation center.

If you don't have software like Microsoft Front Page and Adobe Photoshop for editing templates, you can use our online website builder for creating your site.

With website builder you don't need any software. Just log in to your account through your browser, choose a template and create your site step by step. When your site is finished, just publish it on your server, or save it on your computer. You don't need any HTML skills.

To use website builder first you need to purchase a premium membership. Then create a website builder account.

IMcreator is a free website builder that offers many beautiful website templates and is very easy to use.

Website builder FEATURES

Instant Site Building - User-friendly wizards for site building. No technical or programming skills are required. A powerful online help is available.
Instant Site Modification - User-friendly wizards for site editing.
Easy HTML WYSIWYG Editing - Easy operations as simple as using microsoft word!
Your Own Logo & Image - Upload images directly into your content.
Customized Forms - Generate your own customized forms
GuestBook - Add your own guest book
Graphics Rich Templates - 260 templates included for editing.
Site Promotion - Promote your site using SEO tools
Image Library - Use our image gallery to import a huge number of images
Direct FTP - Upload directly to your site

Website builder screenshots

control panel site editor