PhpMyDirectory Templates

Creating any new website is always an exciting event. However, it can be also a rather challenging experience, if you posses little or no technical skills to do it yourself and need to use the assistance of professional web designers that may cost you a fortune. So, why don't you take advantage of free website templates that are available online? These web solutions may help you create a professionally-looking website with the minimum efforts involved while saving your precious time and money.

If you're planning to design a business website based on the phpMyDirectory script, then phpMyDirectory web templates may come in handy for your related needs. While visiting Ricky's Web Templates, you will be able to find an extensive selection of free phpMyDirectory templates developed and designed by our professionals to help you create web pages that not only look great, but are also fully functional.

phpMyDirectory Templates

A stable demand for our phpMyDirectory website templates can be explained by the fact that phpMyDirectory is a rather popular directory software solution among ecommerce websites as it comes with built-in payment, billing and invoicing systems. Moreover, it has a large selection of additional benefits like the open-source code, SEO compatibility, etc.

While being distributed for free, our phpMyDirectory templates come with unique layouts and can be easily customized: you can use your own background, any specific header styles and options, add/edit text, apply buttons, icons, layout columns and even animations – actually, make whatever modifications you require.

Our phpMyDirectory website templates can be also easily downloaded with a premium membership account, which means that for a small monthly fee you'll get unlimited access along with unlimited downloads of all our premium templates, graphics, buttons, logos, banners, animations, icons and more.