PhpBB Templates

Web forums are definitely a fun and engaging way to communicate with other people while sharing related information, your opinion and ideas on various topics. As many other web projects, they can take considerable time and cost a lot to be developed and designed. Luckily, the availability of various website templates makes it quite easy and quick for anyone to create various web projects, including forums, that look attractive and professional.

If you are planning to create a web forum or perhaps build and manage a discussion board on your website without spending a fortune, then free phpBB templates from Ricky's Web Templates may come as the most deliberate choice. We provide one of the best phpBB forum templates available on the market today that will help you create amazing, fully-functional forums in a matter of a few hours.

phpBB templates

In fact, phpBB stands for PHP Bulletin Board and is ranked as one of the most popular Internet forum solutions written using the PHP scripting language. Available under GNU General Public License, phpBB comes as an open-source, flat-forum bulletin board package featuring advanced scalability, high flexibility and multiple advanced and interactive features allowing to make unique, smart-looking designs and layouts of your forum with virtually no hassles and minimum efforts involved.

Besides, our phpBB website templates are compatible with various popular database engines, such as MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Access/ODBC and Oracle. They also come with hierarchical subforums support, flat message structure, full-text search, user groups, plugins, various notification options, etc.

You'll hardly find any other bulletin board platform that can compete with phpBB website templates in terms of power, functionality and amount of features built-in while offering unmatched ease of use. If you're interested in getting top-notch quality yet free phpBB templates for your new web forum, consider visiting Ricky's Web Templates.