Joomla Web Templates

When it comes to establishing a web presence for your business, you need to consider a large variety of factors such as a unique design of your website, an attractive image, easy navigation and others. To tell the truth, the more professional your business looks online, the better chances you have to attract prospective clients. If you like many other business owners, who are just starting out to build their sites, have no idea where to begin with designing your project, you've come to the right place!

Joomla web templates are the the fastest and easiest way to create fully-functional business websites. As an award-winning open source content management system designed for publishing content on the World Wide Web, Joomla includes a lot of advanced features that will extend the functionality of any site.

Joomla Website Templates

At Ricky's Web Templates, we understand that the statement "time is money" is very true for today's highly competitive business world. That's why we take special pride by offering you a comprehensive selection of the best Joomla web templates available for free download. While being specifically created for Joomla CMS usage, our free Joomla web templates will save your time and money dramatically. Simply compare how much time is required to create a full-fledged site from a template and how long does it take to develop a website with expensive web designer services. It really makes a difference!

Whether you are going to launch a personal web page, serious business web project, large corporate website or any other Internet application, you can easily find a Joomla-based template that fits your needs to the fullest online at Ricky's Web Templates. We have free original website templates for all major Joomla CMS versions – 1.6, 1.5 and 1.0. Moreover, all our free and premium Joomla templates, that are available just for a small monthly fee, come with a wide selection of useful graphic options such as logos, icons, buttons, etc.

While retaining the original stunning design, quality Joomla web templates from Ricky's Web Templates can be easily customized in accordance with your specific requirements. A company's name, logo, content, images - you can add any of elements you need to get a unique business website that looks neat and attractive.