CSS Templates

At Ricky's Web Templates we provide unique and top-notch quality website templates with advanced opportunities for building, formatting and editing web pages. Today we can offer you a comprehensive selection of one of the best CSS templates available on the Web. Created by our professional designers and web developers, these free CSS website templates may deliver you full functionality while saving your precious time and money.

In essence, CSS strands for Cascading Style Sheets. Featuring a cascading effect, this formatting style makes arranging the information for different web page types much easier. They are also used as effective tools to separate backgrounds, pictures, colors and languages. Due to a rather simple syntax structure, CSS web templates are universally understood by various operating systems, perfectly combine with all major web browsers as well as with the most popular image editing applications, including Photoshop, FrontPage, Image Ready, Dreamweaver, etc.

Xhtml Templates

If compared to traditional table-based designs, our free CSS templates dramatically reduce the amount of code used in a file, which results in an overall improved website performance. Lightweight, with a small file size and minimal use of images, these templates ensure a very fast loading time for your web pages. CSS enhanced flexibility also lies in its ability to separate presentation from coding: you can take advantage of an external stylesheet to amend the layout and easily update all your pages.

Our users are absolutely free to use any of our CSS design templates for any their related needs while paying nothing at all. The only requirement is to link back to our website in the copyright notice within your web pages. If you're willing to avoid this necessity and additionally get unlimited access to all premium web templates and graphics available on our website, you're invited to sign up for our premium membership.

Our premium members can take advantage of quick user guides containing step-by-step instructions that will show you how to edit CSS templates easily, remove whitespaces around a web page, use Photoshop efficiently and many other expert design tricks that you'll definitely find very useful.