Business Templates

Are you going to create a business web project? Generally, there are at least three ways you can accomplish this task. The first one is to build the whole new website from scratch. However, unless you have an excellent knowledge of website design/development and sufficient experience, you can end up with a bad or no result at all, yet having spent many hours and efforts. Another way is to outsource this task to a professional web designer to do the whole thing. Be prepared that going this route means substantial investments, and if you're an online business start-up with a tight budget, you will probably not be able to afford these expenses.

For those with lack of proper technical skills and a limited budget there is the third solution you can take advantage of - our business website templates. Indeed, it is pretty much quicker than starting from scratch and less costly than hiring an expert. Besides, the majority of our business web templates are available at no cost at all.

Business Templates

Ricky's Web Templates is here to offer you an extensive selection of absolutely free business website templates designed to help you create a professional and full-fledged web project in no time. Our copyright link placed is the only thing that we ask for.

From now on you can customize a background, add and edit text, choose individual color and style, define an optimal and original exposition of products/services, add visual presentations and animations and improve the whole website appearance easily.

We offer different types of web templates: HTML, flash, e-commerce, phpMyDirectory, Joomla, Mambo, php Fusion, php Nuke, Wordpress, phpBB, Drupal to name a few. All our free business templates are highly flexible and adjustable so as you don't have to be a programming guru to make your website up and running.